Thursday, 24 July 2014


'When the exegesis is more fabulous than the object, I think we have a problem' - Richard Roth, 'The Crit', Art Journal, vol. 58, no.1, 1999.

 This blog is all about teaching art history at university. It is intended to offer some insight, share good examples, be a space for comment. I hope you find it useful. The quote above comes from a lively dialogue in a fictional studio crit session. It reminds us that the US has a vibrant culture of writing about teaching both studio art and art history, and that the UK has no comparable tradition. This blog is meant to offer a small space where such writing and discussion can develop. But I've also taken the quote as a warning that any writing about teaching try and support the teaching, and art historical work as a whole, rather than become an entity in its own right. A quick word about me: I'm an art historian based in London currently preparing an exhibition to open in spring next year on the painter George Morland, and lecturing for many years.

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