Thursday, 17 November 2016

Practices of enquiry at UAL

University of the Arts London has put on a fantastic 'exhibition of teaching' called Practices of Enquiry, taking the imaginative and refreshing route of making creative education visible and communicating it to the UAL community and beyond, using the means at which they are most adept (and the rest of us aren't) - an exhibition, co-created (and curated) by students and staff. The private view was heaving and a second visit this morning gave more time for conversation and contemplation. I'll write more shortly, but here are some photos of one of the exhibits.

Dr Mark Ingham, Cultural Exchange Cafe

Tracey Waller, Meta-assessment (accounts discussions by staff and students about assessment)
Tracey Waller, Meta-assessment (detail of the central explanatory panel)
Graham Barton & Dr Alison James, Lego Serious Play

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